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For many companies in life science, it can be a problem to get all tasks solved with a limited number of head counts in the company – i.e.,  a limited number of permanent positions. This is the reason we see a great interest in a so-called interim solution with a consultant who can perform specific tasks for a short or long time, but without the company permanently employing and being responsible for administration in relation to the employee.

“It is a smooth and flexible solution to bring in an interim consultant, and as soon as there is no longer need for the extra hands, resource and competence, you say thank you for now,”

Kim Raabymagle, Country Manager in Denmark at PharmaRelations, market leader in recruitment, regulatory services and interim management in Nordic Life Science.

“In addition, many companies are very project- and task-driven and need varying employment types”, he points out. And for this the flexible model with interim consultants fits perfect.

Pharmarelations’ customers vary from small start-ups within Life Science  to the major international Life Science companies. “If a company is looking for recruitment through PharmaRelations, it is because the company has a head count – a permanent position – they need occupied, and then we act as a recruitment agency. But do they have a position that is not a permanent position – but need a full-time employee, for example the next year or two – then we offer an interim consultant.

We typically present 2-3 candidates, the customer chooses who they want, after which the person is employed by us, but works 100 percent for the customer for a shorter or longer period,” says Kim Raabymagle, pointing out that many companies are very controlled by the number of the permanent positions – so that official salary costs must not exceed a certain amount.

All customer facing have been managers in Life Science
All customer facing employees in PharmaRelations have been managers or in Life Science at some point in their career, before joining PharmaRelations and now service the industry where they come from.

“You could say that we have been sitting in the customer’s chair. We know what they are talking about when it comes to terminologies and technical language. This way, we can offer a tailored and satisfactory service – where we do not have to ask all sorts of questions to understand what it’s all about,” says Kim Raabymagle.

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