Signe Didde Frese, CSR Director, COOP

10 inspirational Nordic women in CSR

Signe has been at the forefront of Coop’s CSR strategy for almost 8 years, which now includes so many sustainable initiatives and new initiatives that they are assembled on a brand-new inspiring site ( One of the overall 12 focus goals is to reduce Coop’s use of conventional plastic by 25%. In this context, Signe has been behind the initiative for Coop to re-use part of the plastic sheeting in which the goods are wrapped during transport, for the production of sustainable recycled plastic bags. 

Another focus has been to minimize food waste, which has led to local collaboration with several organizations handling the distribution of surplus food to local citizens.  

Coop was ranked as the top sustainable B2C company in Denmark by SSI (Sustainable Brand Index™) in both 2018, 2019 and 2020. Signe has previously worked as Head of CSR at Irma, Senior Advisor within Climate & Environment at FDB and as Project Manager at WWF. 

She is board member in the organizations ”Forum for Food, Meal and Health”, Dakofa and Danish Ethical Trading Institution. Signe Didde Frese has a Cand.Tech. Soc. Degree in Environmental Planning from Roskilde University, where she graduated in 2006. 

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