Sensor and data driven technology saves money – a lot of money

The potential for reducing energy consumption in the big retail chains is massive. This is proven by the Turkish company Florawise, that is on its way into the Nordic market.
Henrik Malmgreen

When it comes to reducing carbon emission, the potential is huge. Maybe even bigger than our wildest expectations foresee. This is proven by the Turkish company Florawise, which through a subsidiary in Copenhagen has taken its first steps into the Nordic market. Right now, Florawise is approaching potential customers in the retail business, and the learnings from the Turkey company are over whelming.

”Florawise has a 4.000.000 sqm. experience in energy management business – actively modelled and managed. Customers of Florawise are mainly retailers, and they have experienced to reduce 25 percent of their energy consumption with data driven realtime decisions”, says CEO and co-founder Melih Ballikaya. The company is a spin off from Istanbul Technical University, and it seems that when it comes to energy saving, Florawise is spot on.

Entering the Nordic market
The company is now approaching retailers as well as hotels and airports in the Nordic region, and even if the first clients are yet to come, Florawise can show impressive results from cases in Turkey, among others the retailer CarrefourSA and Teknosa, the biggest electronic retailer in Turkey. Another client is Şok Market with more than 2000 stores distributed in a huge area in all Turkey.

”In the case of the project Carrefoursa, by using the European ESCO model, we carried out the energy audit of the facilities, integrated and operated multiple efficiency measures, and conducted M&V protocols. The energy savings are guaranteed based on a shared savings model”, Melih Ballikaya continues.

Using international protocols
In the next phase, after new energy conservation measures (ECM) are implemented, it is wise to measure and verify energy savings. Florawise use the most widely recognized protocol called International Performance Measurement and Verification Protocol (IPMVP) whict provides a framework and standards to measure and verify the risks and benefits associated with energy and water efficiency investments.

”In the case study of Carrefoursa we planned, measured, collected, and analyzed the data we obtained during the whole year to verify and report the energy savings by using the IPMVP, Option C”, Melih Ballikaya evaluates.

Incredibly accurate
As a start, Florawise developed a project-specific M&V plan including proposed energy and cost savings, scheduling for all M&V activities, operation, and management responsibilities. For the development of an adjusted baseline, advanced regression analysis was conducted to account for facility-level changes in energy use with independent variables such as operation, weather, and occupancy with the help of utility bills of the base year.

”We installed our energy monitoring and management system. The system provided us with real-time data at regular intervals of 30 minutes. The savings were calculated by subtracting the reporting period energy data from the adjusted baseline. The energy savings have been verified with the accuracy of more than 90 pct. and reported including the details of all regression analysis and savings calculations”, Melih Ballikaya explains.

Working with a 3D model
The advanced data digitalization and analysis tool that, have been developed as Florawise Holistic Platform, plays an essential role in fine-tuning and achieving the most accurate digitation of building operations. After the building energy model, Florawise create an enhanced 3D calibrated model through digital energy twin by using real-time operational data, energy audit data, and occupant feedback to verify building performance results against expected outcomes.

By comparing the real-time operational and calibrated data for each zone and component, it is possible to identify where the excessive energy consumption is and the causative factors. The calibrated model brings insight into building performance in terms of predicted cost and energy savings, indoor air quality, carbon emissions, return of investment. The results are comprehensive in performance optimization among alternative solutions or energy-saving potential and cost-effectiveness.

Better building performance
According to the data acquired, Florawise create a boutique case study with alternative solutions to improve your building performance. After introducing our monitoring and control systems, Florawise first provides continuous monitoring of temperature, lux, humidity, pressure, and other airborne pollutants, such as CO2, VOCs, and other particles. It is all with a single device. The IAQ monitoring integrated into the energy management system improves daily building operations, leading to operational cost reduction and performance improvement.

Moreover, with Florawise Holistic it is possible to data acquisition and storage, analyze data, and review results. Our clients can easily compare the reference and the actual performance indicators with schematic and 3D visual representations on web-based platform. Florawise offers a single solution for all energy management needs such as real-time monitoring and controlling, emergency reserves, reporting, and many others for building performance improvements.

A standard framework
The International Performance Measurement and Verification Protocol (IPMVP) provides a framework and standards to measure and verify the risks and benefits associated with energy and water efficiency investments, demand management, and renewable energy projects. A major driving force is a need for a common protocol to increase the certainty and reliability of savings reports claimed by Energy Service Companies (ESCOs) from the implementation of Energy Conservation Measures (ECM).

Florawise uses guidelines of the four options (Titled A, B, C, and D) contained in the IPMVP depending on the performance reporting needs of your facility. The company help the clients and partners measure and verify the results of energy investment and increase investment in energy and water efficiency, demand management, and renewable energy projects.

Reducing high energy prices
”We have a clear technology and experience to reduce our customer’s energy consumption. Current energy situation with rising prices and dependence on Russian gas puts further pressure on the need for this change, and that is why we are trying to help companies to accelerate this change.

To manage energy and climate investments with data produced by calibrated energy modelling is not a new thing. Some academic papers released in the past about this topic. But when we put into action, it is practically new thing to use energy modelling data in energy saving business”, Melih Ballikaya concludes.

Now entering the Nordic market
Florawise is based in Turkey and entered the Nordic market 3 years ago through a Danish subsidiary based in the BLOXHUB building in Copenhagen. The company has 30 employees and software as well as hardware like sensors is developed inhouse. Florawise works in the following areas:

  • Digital Twin.
  • Energy Management & Power Quality Monitoring.
  • Sustainability
  • Carbon emission.
  • Healthy Buildings.
  • Predictive Maintenance.

The potential is huge
These three case studies from Florawise prove that the potential in energy saving is huge:

Teknosa, 83 Stores: 

  • Calibrated reference consumption for 2021: 12.953.180 kWh
  • Energy savings achieved: 3.378.804 kWh
  • Energy savings: 26,1 pct.
  • CarrefourSA, 160 Stores implemented – total store number: 750
  • Energy savings per month per store: 2540 kWh
  • Average Energy savings: 12 pct.
  • Average energy saving for HVAC 54 pct.
  • Şok Markets, 2000+ stores implemented:
  • Energy savings per month per store: 1400 kWh
  • Average Energy savings: 11 pct.
  • Average energy saving for HVAC 47 pct.

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