Nordic Life Science Days has made its mark on the international Life Science map

In 2023 Nordic Life Science Days for the first time will take place in the Danish capital Copenhagen. Expectations are high, as the 2022 venue in Malmö became record-breaking.
Henrik Malmgreen

Over the last decade, Nordic Life Science Days has grown from a regional Nordic event to one of the biggest of its kind in the international life science industry landscape. In the last days of September, the 9th edition took place in Malmö, and next year the Nordic Life Science Days will celebrate its 10th anniversary in Copenhagen. It is the first time, the conference takes part outside Sweden.

“Looking back on this year’s conference with 1.540 delegates and 880 companies, I have very high expectations to next year. In the aftermath of Corona with lots of meetings in the virtual workspace, the industry longed for a physical event. It is absolutely crucial to meet in person in order to power-up collaborations, build-up relationships and do sustainable business”, says Managing Director of Nordic Life Science Days, Olivier Duchamp-Giudicelli.

“In an international perspective, the Øresund Region is leading in almost area in life science. We are well ahead when it comes to Pharma, Biotechnology, MedTech and Diagnostics”

Managing Director of Nordic Life Science Days, Olivier Duchamp-Giudicelli. 

We offer something special
”With 135 showcasing companies, organizations and countries, the exhibition became the largest ever developed, and with 100+ sponsors and partners, we talk the most supported event in 9 years”, continues Olivier Duchamp-Giudicelli, adding that even if the venue has grown quite big, the organizers work hard to create a comfortable and cozy atmosphere. The Nordic Touch, as Olivier Duchamp-Giudicelli calls it.

“I think it is important, that the participants get a good experience, because when it comes to the professional level, I am convinced, that Nordic Life Science Days already is in the top of mind in the business. Compared with other partnering events in Europe, I would say, that we take a position as #3 or #4, and seen from an international perspective, we sure hit Top Ten”, says Olivier Duchamp-Giudicelli.

NLSDays 2023 – First time in Denmark
Nordic Life Science Days 2023 is scheduled on 29-30th. November in Copenhagen, Denmark. The venue will take place in Bella Center’s Arena, and it is already well on its way, when it comes to the planning. A new team has taken over, and it will be exciting to see, what new initiatives will be presented. A consortium with several Danish players is already established.

It is the first time, the venue takes place outside Sweden, meaning the tenth edition of the venue will be quite special, and according to Bettina Reventlow-Mourier, Deputy Convention Director and Head of congress in Wonderful Copenhagen, the expectations are really high. Copenhagen ranks as the 15th. most popular congress city in the world.

“40 pct. of all congresses held in Copenhagen concerns Life Science, and through Copenhagen Legacy Lab we work very systematically to match the attendees with local businesses, research environments and private as well as public networks”

Bettina Reventlow-Mourier from Wonderful Copenhagen.

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