Minimizing Downtime (Or Protecting Investments) Is The Key Selling Point For Panzerglass

Going mobile as well as the digital transformation is important for many businesses today. That’s why protection of devices has become still more important – both when it comes to physical protection and protection of intellectual properties.
Henrik Malmgreen

When screen filters originally appeared on the market, many people thought, is that really a product I need? Maybe not at that time, but today screen filters and screen protection has emerged into big business. Really big business to be frank. And why is that? One reason is, that the workplace has become much more mobile, and another reason is that more and more businesses such as building, and construction experience a digital transformation.

“Over the years Panzerglass ha s gone through a change from a pure consumer product to adding corporate products to our portfolio, and we are focusing big time on the corporate market”, says Mick Knowles, Vice President, Corporate Sales. Today screen filters and screen protection is all about protecting your investment, he adds. Both when it comes to minimize the number of broken devices, and when it comes to not sharing your data with prying eyes.


Downtime equals lost revenue
“In big companies with many employees, broken devices, e.g., a splintered front glass, can be very costly. Not only because they have to be fixed, but also because an employee without his or her device is an inefficient employee. So, minimizing downtime on the manpower is very important for businesses today”, Mick Knowles continues. Especially in tough environments and heavy industry it’s a big issue.

“In a best-case scenario, it takes up to 24 hours to replace a device, and in a worst-case scenario it takes even longer. So, eliminating downtime and improving field service is paramount”, Mick Knowles says. He adds that PanzerGlass not only provides protection to standard tablets and smartphones in order to meet customer demands, but also work with protection for devices used by logistics and warehousing operations.


Growing all around the globe
“It is all about adding value to our corporate customers in the Business-to-Business market, and if I might add, today we are a very well-known brand. You can even say in certain regions that PanzerGlass is synonymous with screen protection, just as Xerox is synonymous with a photocopier”, Mick Knowles says. But still there is lot of potential, and alone in 2020 the company hired 50 new employees.

“Today we have 73 offices in 14 countries, so new talent from around the globe is very important for us”, he adds. As mentioned earlier however it is not only about psychical protection but also protection of intellectual properties, meaning protection company data from prying eyes. This has become a still more important issue, as the hybrid and mobile working place has emerged.

Better to be safe than sorry
“If You are sitting next to a person in a train or on a plane, it is human nature to be curious looking at the screen. 99 times out a 100 this will probably be completely harmless, but we know of incidents where important company data has been compromised. You never know who You are sitting next to, so it is better to be safe than to be sorry”, says Mick Knowles and adds, that the market for Privacy filters is rapidly growing.

Asked if Panzerglass is leading on the market, he states, that the company is focusing on its corporate customers, not on its competitors and have patented solutions to meet their needs.

Besides that, several other issues are important, e.g., sustainability, as it is the ambition over time to reduce our carbon footprint. That’s why Panzerglass can deliver in bulk to our corporate customers companies in order to reduce waste from packaging.


A brand-new business product
Today Panzerglass is much more than just Privacy filters and screen protection. Cases for tablets as well as smartphones is another important business focus, and Mick Knowles presents another important incentive. Retaining the resale value of company devices when a company is upgrading is the new normal, and therefore it has become increasingly important to maintain the devices in mint condition by using PanzerGlass screen protection and cases.

Mick Knowles, Vice President, Corporate Sales, Panzerglass

But as they say on TV Shop – Wait there is more!
“In times where we after Covid19 have returned to our offices, it is important for companies to offer a secure environment. So, we have launched a spray product for cleaning screens. It’s without alcohol but still it removes 99.9p pct. of all bacteria without any chemical emission. That’s a brand-new strategic product for Panzerglass, Mick Knowles ends.

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