Bianca Ingrosso:

From growing up in the limelight to beauty queen

A top influencer such as Sweden’s Bianca Ingrosso, who has 1.3 million followers on Instagram and nearly 400.000 subscribers on YouTube, was able to clock up more than 200 million SEK in earnings in the 2020 financial year, thanks partly to expanding from influencing to running her own beauty brand, Caia Cosmetics
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Swedish influencer Bianca Ingrosso has had an incredible journey. From growing up in the public eye with her mum, actress and singer Pernilla Wahlgren, she went on to become a singer herself before gaining wider fame with the hit reality series Wahlgren’s Värld, featuring several members of her famous artistic family, and she is now one of Sweden’s biggest social media stars in her own right. 

She has worked as a judge on Talang (Sweden’s Got Talent), was a celebrity contestant on the Lets Dance TV competition and co-hosted the podcast Har du sagt A får du saga B with fellow instagrammer, blogger and TV personality Alice Stenlöf.

Mum Pernilla Wahlgren is also a prominent lifestyle and design influencer, while her father is the dancer and restaurateur Emilio Ingrosso. Her brothers, DJ and actor Oliver Ingrosso and singer and songwriter Benjamin Ingrosso, are fellow social media stars.

These days, Bianca Ingrosso is also an entrepreneur with brands of her own, not least the beauty company Caia Cosmetics which has been a fast-growing success. She announced in late 2021 that she would no longer appear on the family reality series to focus on her other work.

Bianca Ingrosso
  • Age: 27
  • Followers: Instagram 1.3 million, YouTube 398.000 followers
  • Audience profile: Age groups 18-24 + 25-34. 88 % female. Sweden, Norway, Finland
  • Engagement rate: 1.67 %
  • Areas: Fashion, lifestyle, entertainment, technology, sports, luxury, family & children
  • Brand collaborations: Nelly.com, Hipp, Daniel Wellington, Ericsson, Mercedes Benz, Netflix, Puma, Christian Dior, Walt Disney, Zara, Chanel, Intimissimi, Nakd, Marvel, Apple
  • Blog/website: biancaingrosso.se
  • Source: Woomio
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