Diversity and a smooth infrastructure are key factors to success in Medicon Valley

The Øresund Region is buzzing with activity in the Life Science industry. Both Swedes and Danes commute on a daily basis working together and getting the best out of the cultural diversity.
Henrik Malmgreen

According to a report from The Institute of Øresund, covering the years 2020 to 2021, around 900 employees in the Life Science industry commute on a daily basis either from Denmark to Sweden or from Sweden to Denmark. The numbers tell that 800 people commute from Skåne to work at life Science companies in Zealand, while 100 commuters from Zealand work in the Life Science sector in Skåne.

Furthermore the report shows that at least 20 or more Danish CEO’s and Managing Directors work in Life Science companies in Skåne. One is Søren Bregenholt, who is CEO of Alligator Bioscience in Lund. He also holds the position as chairman of the board in Medicon Valley Alliance and is convinced, that Swedish and Danish employees working together is an advantage for the companies.

“A different approach when it comes to leadership, idea generation and problem solving as well in research and drug development is a strength”

Søren Bregenholt.

Diversity is a strength
“Around 65.500 people work in the Life Science sector in the Øresund region, and the many commuters across Øresund proofs, that flexibility and mobility has become quite natural for many people in their daily work”, Søren Bregenholt says. However, even if you can cross Øresund very easily, some might say, that Swedish and Danish people are different.

But cultural differences do not worry Søren Bregenholt. On the contrary, he thinks that differences and diversity provide the foundations for better outcomes seen from a company perspective. He is not afraid to say, that the Øresund region is strong and capable all the way through the value chain of Life Science meaning high level of education, fine universities, excellent research facilities and big companies as drivers and frontrunners. 

Important infrastructure
Without the Øresund bridge, the goal to position the Øresund region as one of the finest Life Science clusters in the world would most likely not have been achieved. In the back yard of Copenhagen Airport in Kastrup we find Ferring and its new domicile Soundport, which was just inaugurated this autumn in October. Global Head of Medical Affairs, Mozhgan Dorkhan is one of 130 Swedish employees and a happy executive in Ferring.

“The position just across the bridge and 5-10 min walking distance to the international airport of Copenhagen is very unique, offering both a very convenient daily commute from Sweden and bringing us closer to our colleagues in Europe and across the globe in the most time-efficient way” she says. Ferring’s International PharmaScience Center in Denmark is projected for up to 750 employees, and 640 employees are already working at the site.

Stay local and act global
Ferring is growing, and talents in the Øresund Region are welcome to explore new growth opportunities with the company. Mozhgan Dorkhan has been working at Ferring for just half a year and  is impressed by the diversity, inclusiveness and collaboration spirit that seeps through the organization.

“In fact, our new position here in Kastrup is a perfect place to be local and act as a global company, and as The International PharmaScience Center is the largest R&D center in Ferring’s global network, it is extremely important that our local representation in the Øresund region reflects that”, says Mozhgan Dorkhan.

“The Øresund region is very dynamic, offering variety of employers ranging from innovative start-ups and SMEs to Global life-science companies such as Ferring”

Mozhgan Dorkhan.

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