Best Nordic podcasts in ’Science & Medicine’

A selection of the best podcasts within the field of Science & Medicine
Malin Sjögren


Burde Vært Pensum
Clever people share their knowledge about those topics you wish you’ve had time to read up on. The episodes dives into questions, answers and more information about radioactivity, alohol, religion, illness e.g. Each episode lasts 30 minutes and is released weekly.


Abels Tårn
The Abels Tårn podcast is produced by NRK Radio. The podcast is your source of useful and useless knowledge with which you can excel in corporate life. Every week, three researchers gather to answer brilliant questions from the listeners. You can listen to all the episodes in the NRK Radio app.

Smart forklart

The Norwegian podcast ”Smart forklart” is hosted by Aksel Faanes Persson. The topics are centered around tech & science and based on interviews and great conversations around relevant subjects. New episodes are released bi-weekly and produced by SINTEF.


Life Science-podden
The Life Science podcast is a podcast from Life Science Sweden – the Nordics’ leading newspaper about the Swedish biotechnology, medical technology and pharmaceutical industry as well as related research.


News, background stories and chats hosted by Vetenskapsradion’s Camilla Widebeck, Ulrika Björksten and their colleagues. The podcast is produced by Peter Normark and Sveriges Radio P1. Each episode has a duration of 30-45 minutes and are released weekly.


The hosts Marie Chimwemwe Degnbol and Cecilie Glerup dives into research about Microbacteria and by interviewing experts they guide the listeners around our coexistence with the trillions of bacteria that live in, on and around our bodies. The podcast is published by ’Medicinsk Museion’ and is supported by the Velux grant “Microbes on the Mind” and the Center for Basic Metabolic Research, University of Copenhagen.

This podcast delves into how various topics such as health, tech, activism, religion etc. can affect both society and human beings. The podcast is produced by Peter Ørbæk. The episodes lasts 20-30 minutes and are released weekly.

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