Best Nordic Business Books

Best Nordic Business Books
04/11 - Nordic business


Bobler, Bullshit og Børsfest, by Lars Tvede (DK)

This book, written by Lars Tvede, is a concise and entertaining guide to investing in the stock market in times of crisis. Lars Tvede sold all his shares the day before the corona crisis seriously affected the international stock market. He made a lot of money by re-purchasing the shares at their lowest price when the stock market had reached rock bottom, just a few weeks later. When the market stabilized again over the summer, Lars Tvede had made a very lucrative profit. How could he predict market movements? What did his 40 years of experience and knowledge from the stock market teach him, and how did he manage to make such rational decisions instead of panicking. He explains this with simple and informative chapters conveying his most important messages and principles around investing in stocks. At the same time, Lars Tvede also shares a number of humorous anecdotes about his greatest stock triumphs and his biggest and most valuable mistakes over time.

“An excellent book”, Berlingske


Kreativ Friktion, by Magnus Lindkvist & Jan Gradval

Author and journalist, Jan Gradvall and futurologist, Magnus Lindkvist have written a handbook for entrepreneurs, artists and visionaries which aims to motivate oneself into innovation. It is a book about creating something out of nothing. It’s a book about resistance and opposites ; about the creative friction. What is not visible, but which is almost always behind the results. Behind the overused and blunted word creativity about creating and thinking new, a whole world of anecdotes that show how people have succeeded in finding something new. In film, philosophy, business, art, music, technology, science and everything else that makes up civilization. Some have worked alone, others on a team. Sometimes with friends, and even with people they dislike. Some have taken their time, maybe decades, or the creation has taken place in a matter of seconds. In common, they have always encountered headwinds and challenges along the way, especially feelings of self-doubt, and at some point, have been both mocked and laughed at.


Appenes planet, by Thomas Hylland Erksen

Smartphones control our everyday life. (If you can imagine it, the app exists) What you do not get in an app does not exist. In return, you get access to an infinite universe of knowledge, communication channels, services and distractions. In just a few years, the smartphone has made the world smaller, yet bigger, closer yet more distant, fun yet boring. Life has become freer yet more controlled, more social yet more antisocial, while we are both smarter and dumber. It is a global, digital revolution that is unparalleled. With characteristic commitment and curiosity, Thomas Hylland Eriksen takes us on a journey of discovery in the world of the smartphone. A map is drawn along the way. If we are not to become enslaved by the mobile phone, it is necessary to understand it, in order to take life, control and not least time back.

“Hylland Eriksen has written a brilliant book for anyone who wants to look up and try to understand how the smartphone has changed our lives. “ Marius Wulfberg, Dagbladet

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