The vision for Nordic Business is to tell, publish and gather inspiring business news in Sweden, Norway and Denmark - in a common universe

Several business media already exist, covering business news nationally. But there is no media that disseminates the Nordic business news in one place and at the same time targets the cross-border business community. Combining this vision with support from a strong cross-border collaboration of high-profile business partners, Nordic Business was therefore established by Partner Media in December 2019.

Nordic Business strives to inspire and publish useful insights into the Nordic business community. All editorial content, interviews, analyzes and business insights are disseminated professionally by highly experienced journalists and Nordic business partners. The editorial focus areas are primarily Sustainability, Investment, Technology and Nordic Leadership.


The high-quality printed Nordic Business magazine is published quarterly and distributed in Sweden, Norway and Denmark via several Nordic corporate subscribers, Scandinavian airports, MBA and board programs, Nordic business events, conference hotels, business networks for C-levels, DFDS business travel, etc.

The virtual edition is published on nordicbusiness.media, and all articles are shared and promoted online via Nordic business partners, Nordic online business campaigns, LinkedIn and Instagram.

Nordic Business is published by

Vester Voldgade 7B, 1. 1552 København V

Executive editor and publisher: Henning Andersen


Julie Brix
CCO & Editor
E-mail or +45 6059 3550

August Schou
Key Account Manager, Business
E-mail or +45 2878 3216

Cita Hansen
Key Account Manager, Leisure
E-mail or +45 3049 2544

Jan Poulsen
Key Account Manager, Leisure
E-mail or +45 2545 6143

Heidi Carlsen
Art Director 
E-mail or +45 2078 6489

Nikolaj Kristensen
Web Administrator & SoMe
E-mail or +45 5388 6073

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