A common goal makes a strong region for Life Science

The municipals of Copenhagen ad Malmö has quite a different profile, but they are both working towards the same goal, namely, to attract new Life Science businesses to the Øresund region.
Henrik Malmgreen

The growth in the Danish Life Science sector is extensive. This is shown in a report from Greater Copenhagen Life Science Analysis Initiative published in June 2022, and even if both the municipalities of Copenhagen and Ballerup are popular, when it comes to attract new businesses, they are surpassed by the municipality of Gladsaxe. In fact the growth here has been 1.745 jobs to a total of 10.000+ over the last 5 years.

“If You want to create a good business environment, it is extremely important, that the municipal authorities have a firm focus on this matter. This has been the case for many years here in Gladsaxe, where the politicians have defined a strategy that support our ambitions”, says Business Manager from the municipal of Gladsaxe, Karen Brosbøl Wulf. In Gladsaxe one finds some of the oldest industrial areas in Denmark.

Different profile – common goal
On the other side of Øresund in Sweden, we find the municipal of Malmö, that has a slightly different profile. Malmö is a relatively young city, but a city, which over the last 20 years has managed to convert from an industrial profile to a profile, where knowledge-based industries find their haven and feel at home. In Malmö more than 37.000 businesses are registered, and every day 9 more start.

“But also when it comes to placing a headquarter in our city, we hold quite a strong position. According to a survey from The Institute of Øresund, we have managed to attract more than 100 headquarter functions since the Øresund Bridge opened 22 years ago, and of course that also has had an effect on the Life Science community”, says Business Manager Micael Nord from the municipal of Malmö.

“Historically Gladsaxe is the home for big Life Science players like Novo Nordisk, Novozymes, AGC Biologics, Zealand Pharma, Ferrosan and GEA, not only, when it comes to housing the company headquarters, but also when it comes to
housing the production facilities. This is an essential part of the development plans for Gladsaxe”

Business manager Karen Brosbøl Wulf from the municipal of Gladsaxe.

Partnering is the way to success

“Our work on both sides of Øresund is very important. We have to focus on the bigger picture in order to benefit the most, and we have to look outside our own municipal boundaries. That is one of the reasons why we have entered the Medical Valley Alliance”, says Karen Brosbøl Wulf. She stresses the importance to work with as many partners as possible, being both municipals and organizations like Copenhagen Capacity.

In Malmö Micael Nord points out the importance to work together on the marketing side, just as it is the case with job fairs, where the city works together with the city of Copenhagen and organizations like Dansk Industri and Greater Copenhagen. In that sense Micael Nord also find it important to be able to offer much more than just a job to newcomers, namely housing and schools as well as an effective infrastructure.

“Malmö is one of the fastest growing cities in Sweden, and with almost 200 different nationalities represented, we are a very international oriented city comparable with both New York and London. Besides that half the population is under 40 years old, so we offer a young and innovative environment”

Business Manager Micael Nord from the municipal of Malmö. 

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